MILWAUKEE Deep Cut Band Saw

MILWAUKEE Deep Cut Band Saw

Description and Specifications

The MILWAUKEE Deep Cut Band Saw is a professional grade portable band saw that provides durability and reliability.

This power tool features a variable speed trigger which gives the user a massive power surge of 420 feet per minute. Not compatible with battery operation, this portable band saw relies on a connectable power source to run.

Built with usability in mind, this machine features a few different features that allow for ease of use. A handy LED light makes it easy to use in poorly lit work areas, and its custom shaped body allows for a clear line of sight while you work.

The rubber bumpers prevent it from damaging your workpiece and materials, while the multigrips give you a custom fit for each individual user that allows them to work at their comfort level.

MILWAUKEE Deep Cut Band Saw


  • This tool is one of the more heavy duty portable band saws on the market and a true testament to the MILWAUKEE brand known for its durability;
  • Works well with a range of materials including wood, metal, plastic, steel and cable;
  • Custom grips make this tool so easy to hold and provide comfort when handling this heavier style of power tool;
  • This band saw has additional features which add to its ease of use including an LED light for those dimly lit workspaces and a specialized design that allows for a clearer view of your proposed cut;


  • Unlike many other portable band saws, the MILWAUKEE Deep Cut Band Saw has no option available for battery operation, so there is no way to work without a cord;

MILWAUKEE Deep Cut Band Saw

  • The MILWAUKEE Deep Cut Band Saw comes in at over 20 pounds, making it a little on the heavy side. It can lead to quicker user fatigue and slightly takes away from its convenience factor;


There’s no denying that this portable band saw is a force to be reckoned with. Not for those just wanting a simple machine for smaller tasks, the MILWAUKEE Deep Cut Band Saw can serve both the professional and the hobbyist without problems.

MILWAUKEE Deep Cut Band Saw

While it does lean towards the heavier side, once you’ve become comfortable with its weight you can use it to your advantage to perform the cut. This portable band saw has no issues cutting through a range of different materials and each time with silence, precision and ease.

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Because it doesn’t have the capabilities for a battery pack, this would only suit those who have access to a power source or generator. The upside is, though, this machine packs a powerful punch that you just can’t achieve with some of the more lightweight portable band saws.

Overall, the MILWAUKEE Deep Cut Band Saw offers amazing value for money and a truly sturdy machine that makes light work of anything you throw at it. It would suit a commercial tradesman on a range of jobs, or be the perfect addition to a home hobbyist’s workshop.

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