Vertical Band Saw

WEN 10-Inch 2 Speed Band Saw

Description and Specifications

The WEN 10-Inch 2 Speed Band Saw is one of the most powerful units on the market today. Its 3.5-amp motor makes it a serious contender in the band saw category, and with a 9 ¾ inch throat, it’s capable of performing cuts up to six inches deep.

With two operation speeds of either 1520 or 2620 FPM, it can make light work of any type of material you feed it. It has its own stand so you don’t need to sacrifice workspace, and it’s easy to assemble straight out of the box.

The WEN 10-Inch 2 Speed Band Saw uses 72-inch blades that run anywhere from 1/8 to 1/2 inches in size, giving you the ability to perform both complicated and powerful cuts. Other features include a bevelling table, reversible fence, 25-inch stand, dust collection port and sliding meter gauge, making this machine a one stop shop for all your band saw needs.

Vertical Band Saw

The WEN brand stands by their machine and offers a two-year warranty along with a customer service line consisting of skilled technicians to help with any issues that might arise.


  • The variable speeds make it so easy to switch between wood and metal working, allowing for a different cut each time;
  • It runs so quietly and smoothly for a machine that is so powerful and durable;


  • This band saw can be quite difficult to set up once removed from the box, including blade guides, so expect to spend a fair amount of time with it get it working correctly;

Vertical Band Saw

  • The light appears to be mounted on the wrong side, making it hard to see your work when using it and having it shine more in your face instead;


The WEN 10-Inch 2 Speed Band Saw is one of the most versatile vertical band saws on the market for this price range. Generally coming in at around $250 it gives you great value for money with a long lasting brand that you can trust. Their customer support hotline is for additional peace of mind, just in case anything goes wrong.

Vertical Band Saw

The clear selling point for this machine is its 2-speed variable, making it a dream for both woodworking and metal working alike. It’s a great machine for the more serious workshop either at home or in business, and its standard blade can cover most jobs.

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Unfortunately, one of biggest selling points was the LED light which turned out to be its biggest design flaw. The light seems to be positioned incorrectly which means it does little for highlighting your workpiece, and more for shining in your eyes. The initial setup of this power tool was lengthy, and the blade guides took quite a long time to get right.

Overall, the WEN 10-Inch 2 Speed Band Saw is a great choice for a vertical band saw and proves it power and precision with each use.

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